Wash Day #2

Hello my lovely people. I should be 4 weeks post relaxer now and my new growth is behaving very well.

Today’s wash day was rather quick which I like, soo…

Prep:- I had my hair in braids so I put some oil on my finger tips and took out the braids. After I sectioned my hair in 8 (yes the sections are getting bigger every time :o), I sprayed my detangler and took my time on each section.

Deep condition:- I applied my Elasta qp DPR 11 deep conditioner to each section and left it on for 30 minutes… did you know, it only takes 30 minutes for your hair to absorb the conditioner and any longer than that may not make much of a difference.

Wash:- I washed it out and then shampooed my hair with my soon finished Creme of Nature Argon oil shampoo.

Air dry:- I airdried my hair til it was 30% dry and then blow dried my hair on cool in 3 sections.

After everything I then moisturised and sealed and wrapped my hair into a bun.

Thoughts… I noticed that not a lot of hair came out and my hair felt amazing. I also noticed that my hair is coming along because when I tied my hair in a ponytail, it was looking longer than before.

All that is left is re-braiding the hair and wearing the wig for another 2 weeks before the process happens again

Tah ta .x

Thursday Thoughts #4

Heyy! How’s everyone doing?
Recently I have been developing my fashion illustration skills so it can be much better. I personally think I’ve gotten better though.. not to be vain or anything


Please tell me what you think and if you would buy them if I sell them

I have semi decided to become along the lines of a psychotherapist/counselling and still do my fashion illustrations on the side. I want people to hear me from different angles

Have a good week

God’s Message to You

Today’s topic is: Lord bless me indeed
In Isaiah 54:1- It is saying it is your time to sing, your celebration has come!!
Verse 3 says you will spread out to the left and the right , so change your attitude because your change has come (or is coming!)
There are times when people say “I thought you was waiting on the Lord” but verse 4 says, this time the Lord will not disappoint you
1chronicles 4:1-8 says you will not live an insignificant life. There were many names but their stories changed. Verse 9-12 speaks to us about life. It shows us different sets of people;ones that do something woth their lives and the other that wants one to come their way. The man that decided to do something with his life, the man who transformed because of what he did. Despite the condition and pain, Jabez did something with his life that no one thought he could do. He refused to be ordinary and simple, he decided to reach for an extraordinary life. GOD has not called you to live an ordinary life, he has called you to excel in life, be relevant in life. God is calling us to a place of enlargement and breaking out of limitation.

You can’t afford to be where you are. Start making changes in your life. You can’t sit there and be content with where you are.

So keep your head held high, say “I am more than this” because God has plans for you and you will not be the same again.

I hope this has touched someone out there. Stay blessed


I’m not doing a wash day today so it’ll be postponed to next week Friday as I’m in a u-part and I’m a little busy this week.
These days I am having a hard time to start revising for my exam on monday afternoon and just have faith…


Thursday Thoughts #3

Hey guys, sorry I have not been too committed lately. My past week has had me thinking a lot!

However, I’m still not sure what I want to do in the future, I’m still deciding  between a psychologist or a fashion illustrator. I mean, I love fashion and drawing but I also love helping people and knowing I have made someone smile because I helped 🙂

Because I also love reading, I wasn’t sure what ereader to get. Honestly I swear this week has had me thinking for so much and making sly decisions that make me question is it really what I want and want to do. I have a friend who said she could ask some magazines if I could share some of my drawings with them, so I have been doing a lot more drawings… but have not been finished yet.


I did this one but I feel like its missing something.
I also made a tumblr called: couturefashion-blog.tumblr.com so please when you have time, cjeck it out and give any tips necessary.. I’m still new to this

Anyway, how has your week been?


Oil Rinsing

In today’s wash day, I introduced oil rinsing. I first came about it yesterday while reading a post on Saving Our Strands blog.

Detangle:- I detangled my hair by spraying my detangler and just combing through gently with my wide tooth comb.

Shampoo:- I shampooed my hair with my Creme of Nature Argon Oil Moisturising Shampoo (sulphate free) about twice.

Condition:- This is where the “oil rinsing” came in. I parted my hair into four sections, coated my hair with castor oil and then used my ORS Replenishing Pak on top and left it on for about 50 mins without heat (I plan to get a steamer in the future).

Wash:- I then washed it out, towel blotted my hair and then wrapped my hair up and waited till my hair air dries

Thoughts:- I must say that this wash day was fairly quick compared to last weeks wash day. Not, this oil rinsing, my hairnis extremely soft I almost can’t believe it. I touch my hair and its like its not my own. I haven’t experienced my hair so soft before… I think I said this on my previous wash day… but this one is amazing.
I’m thinking of putting my hair in a u part wig. My hair deserves the break after being in a bun all week

The Wash Day Experience

What was your wash day like? Have you tried this before?

Thursday Thoughts #2…

Hey guys! How has your week been?
I know mine has been stressful and so jam packed. My eye has been twitching none stop aha.

I had a few of my exams, I have art exam deadline today and my biology is about 9 days… don’t worry God is in control

So today… actually yesterday I have been thinking about my ungoing spirit that has been pulling me towards art and my fashion drawings… Yes I do fashion illustrations… However I’m not too sure sometimes if I want to do anything with them. It started off as experimenting when I was 10, then it became a hobby that I was taking very seriously. And the thing is I never get tired of it!

I have spent most of my spare time researching how to get my ideas out there and where it can lead me in the future. So to conclude, I have decided to create a blog about my fashion illustrations (which will be coming soon) just like Hayden Williams.. he is my inspiration!!! I just love his stuff *love struck*
But I’m not sure if I should use Blogger, WordPress like this one or Tumblr… if you have any suggestions, please let me know.
I already have Instagram which I have started posted some of my drawings on. Here is a lil taster for you:


Its not much but yeahh. I’m also thinking of experimenting with colour soon. I’ll keep you posted